Do you need translation for your virtual event or online meetings?

During this challenging time, it is essential to continue to communicate with your colleagues, audience, and clients. We are doing it using web conferencing apps such as Zoom, Teams, Skype etc. which facilitate communication online. But what happens if you do not speak the same language? Langpros Translations is here to help!

Should you need an interpreter for your webinar, online workshop, conference or meeting Langpros has the solution for you! With their Remote Simultaneous Interpreting technology, you can have real time human interpreting integrated with all communication platforms and web conferencing apps, available in over 100 different languages!

Try their innovative remote interpreting solutions! They are ready to assist you in every step of the way. Find out more on their website or contact them at to get a free demo and quote.

Langpros offers Italian Business Council members a 40% discount on their Remote Simultaneous Interpreting services for all ONLINE events.


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