Dubai, 29 June 2020

Dear all,

It is with a great honor that I assume the renewed mandate of President of the Italian Business Council for the coming term and I am pleased to introduce the new board members.

A special thank to our former President Mr. Pasquale Della Penna who has been so proactively developing the Italian Business Council and its activity during the last few years. A thank goes also to Mr. Daniele Garzia and Giuseppe Salerno for their great support provided during the last term.

I take this opportunity to remind to the Italian community in Dubai and Northern Emirates that Italian Business Council is a non profit organization established in 2003 and which is duly licensed by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

We aim to be the point of contact for all the business entity wishing to do business with Italian companies. Expo 2020 is as we may say in Italy, “behind the doors” and we expect that a large number of Italian companies will seek information on how to secure a role in this event.

Thanks to the former President initiative we have already started a dialogue with the Expo 2020 representative and we will strength and consolidate such collaboration and we will be able to inform all our members of any development or initiative in this respect trough regular meetings and newsletter.

The success of the Italian business council is the success of all our member in doing business in Dubai and Northern Emirates and I believe that to succeed we need to know

What we do, why we do and how we do business!

In order to support our members, we will host monthly networking event where each member is invited to attend and introduce him/herself with a 60 sec presentation. From September 2018 onward, each member will be invited to introduce the Company through a 5/10 minutes presentation as well. We will also invite some speaker to deliver educational slot on leadership, referral marketing, business update in the region etc.


Thomas Paoletti
Italian Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates


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