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About Dusoul

Dusoul – A passionately crafted jewelry label from a city revered for its inimitable fervor, stands out with its innovative personality immersed in the awe-inspiring spirit of Dubai, UAE.

Launched by the illustrious Dhamani Group headquartered in Dubai, UAE with four decades of expertise in jewelry, Dusoul is focused on millennials and affluent consumers offering affordable luxury and the highest benchmarks of customer service.

The hallmark of Dusoul is a combination of the everlasting elements of nature that define this region. Represents water represents the sun represents sand and represents stars. These natural elements seamlessly come together and flow through the DNA of Dusoul to form a modern brand with an individualistic persona.

Dusoul promises to be Fashionable and Classy promising a social environment to Millennials offering some of the most exciting and aspirational collections that are designed and developed in-house, alive with the spirit of the region. Our mesmerizing collections are bound to offer a choice to every individual’s style.

Dusoul exclusively houses select renowned international brands like Palmiero, Giovanni Ferraris, Moraglione 1922, Lenti Villasco, Brumani, Bigli, Casato, and Moiseikin showcasing their latest designer collections and trends; endorsed by celebrities and socialites.

Our collections are a mark of individuality; go ahead and indulge in your signature style with Dusoul – Jewelry With Soul….


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