As part of our appreciation for members of IBCD, all Corporates Members joining and renewing membership from September 2020 are granted one Elite Club card that includes various dining/hospitality benefits as well as special vouchers exclusive for IBCD members.

Eliteclub® is the exclusive guest recognition program specially designed to complement any travel and living lifestyle with exceptional member privileges has been dominating the GCC, Levant and Europe area with countless locations spread all over the globe and under Plan B Solutions umbrella’s.

With recognition across 1,000 Hotels & Outlets  around the world, members experience a stay that truly reflects the culture and traditions of its location, while enjoying the benefits , from complimentary breakfasts to early check-ins and late check-outs, to upgrades and free hotel stays, invitations to famous culinary landmarks and resorts, followed by spa services wholly grounded in traditional healing techniques, as well as activities and unlimited Food and Beverage discounts all at the palm of the member’s hand with its innovative one of kind friendly user application. 


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